06 Word Play

I inserted the following random words into the story. In order.
(spring / medicine / trailer / bus / madman / well / junk / resort)

The 8:08 train stopped at the platform under a wintry sky. A woman, dressed in a beige overcoat and black boots got onboard with a spring in her step and moved quickly to find a seat. Upon sitting down she realised she had forgotten to take her medicine that morning as she was confronted by a man who was holding her scarf that she had dropped. It was like a trailer for a film. She blushed a little, said thank you. These kind of moments couldn’t happen on a bus she thought. It had to be a train. He lingered, it seemed like he had wanted to say something, but didn’t. He felt stupid, like some kind of madman as he walked off. The next morning, surrounded by the junk and debris of everyday life, they were seen exchanging smiles that lifted their spirits for a moment much like looking at beach resorts in glossy magazines does.

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